DEW RESEARCH is a consulting organization on women, disability and evaluation issues. DEW is also intended as a pun for "DO and DUE" research. It is coordinated by Tanis Doe but several people are hired for various projects. This page will be used as the opening point for participation in various projects.


The current project looks at how women can transition from being on social assistance to working in the paid labour market. Many women are staying home to care for young children or to recover from serious illness. Some women would LIKE to return to work but the cost of living makes it next to impossible. Although the amoung of income they receive on income assistance is not very much, there are many NON CASH benefits which help women to cope. These include subsidized housing, transportation, child care, extended medical benefits and other material support. This project will look at ways to allow women to return to paid work without losing the NON CASH benefits from social assistance. No matter where you live, in Canada, or elsewhere, we would like your ideas and discussion on this topic. We are calling the project:

"RE:WORKING BENEFITS for Single mothers and disabled women"- it is funded in part by the Status of Women Canada


Please send an email to DEWRESEARCH if you are interested in participating.


The RE:WORKING BENEFITS project has a bulletin board for participants to comment on these topics. Tanis will moderate under the name DEWRESEARCH and post questions for those interested

We will also have a CHAT function available soon.