genetics of deafness
Map a gene for a genetic disorder yourself!
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Some forms of deafness are genetically based. This means that they can be passed down (inherited) depending on the genetic circumstances.

Examine the pedigree below to figure out which individuals show the deafness phenotype:

family tree








Key to chart

Below you'll find genetic jigsaw puzzles for 12 individuals from the family above. The number of each puzzle corresponds to the number of the individual in the pedigree. See enlarged versions of the puzzles.

Here's the challenge! Find the piece of the genetic puzzle that is responsible for deafness. Exactly what are you looking for?

To make it easier on yourself, print out the puzzles and compare them.

 1  2  3
 4  5  6
 7  8  9
10 11  12

Need a hint?

How would a scientist think about this problem?

Which puzzle piece is responsible for deafness? Choose the number of the puzzle piece that you think contains the gene.







How do you know your puzzle piece is the right one?


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