Health Resource Center for Women with Disabilities

Summary: Center provides reproductive, gynecological services, peer support education , advocacy and research services that enable disabled women to become self- determining in achieving physical and psychosocial well being. Center is run by and for disabled women in partnership with staff of a renown rehabilitation hospital--the first comprehensive center established by disabled women nationally.

Project Description: We developed a mentoring pilot project for disabled girls and women. In addition we offer free educational seminars, free educational newsletter (circulates 9000 internationally), develop educational videos, and text book chapters for health providers, peer support and job skill trainings for disabled girls and women. We offer user friendly gynecological services to bridge the gap in gynecological services for disabled women We offer peer and education programs to eliminate social isolation, depression, low self-esteem etc. Research and education of health providers to help facilitate self-determination in disabled women patients. Our services are all designed to offer user friendly resources to disabled women and girls, their allies and health providers to replace the scant or harmful services that have existed traditionally.

Empowerment of disabled women and girls: Disabled women and girls comprise our community board which drives our centerís programs and activities and staff. Disabled women and girls develop, conduct and execute all educational, psychosocial, advocacy, executive and administrative functions of center. They also shape medical service delivery and research. Our center is run by and for disabled women.

Annual budget: Budget for 2 staff with all programs are over $100,000

Project duration: Center began in 1991

Main funding challenge: Getting funding for our educational publication RESOURCEFUL WOMAN which circulates to 9000 disabled women internationally, reduces social isolation and serves as the "lifeline" to our center.

Contact information:
Judy Panko Reis (Co-executive director)
Mail: Health Resource Center for Women with Disabilities (room 106) , RIC , 345 E. Superior, Chicago, Illinois 60611
Telephone: 312-908-7997
Fax: 312-908-1087

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