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Last revised: 30 Jan 2002



Please note: the deadline for asking for accessibility has passed. We will do our best but we cannot guarantee that we can provide the access you need.

We are working hard to have a fully accessible conference. Our sponsors at San Francisco State University are making sure that we have whatever we need to provide access. If you look at our materials, we have numerous access questions.

We take access seriously. We want to accommodate each person's disability to the best of our ability. If the information on this webpage doesn't answer your questions, please contact us at: QDConference2002@hotmail.com

Please note that many access accommodations need to be arranged in advance. So we will accommodate all requests received BEFORE May 2,2002. Requests received after that date may or may not be fulfilled.


We are planning to provide access for both speakers and participants with a wide range of disabilities. Our meeting space is donated by San Francisco State University's Institute on Disability; and the Disability Programs and Resource Center. They are working hard to ensure that both the campus and the conference are accessible. Here are some of the access that will be provided at the conference:

No Scent Policy: There is a strong No Scent policy for the conference. Participants sign their agreement to this policy as part of the registration form. In addition, meeting spaces are selected based on the ability to regulate the flow of air throughout the space.
See: How and Why to be Scent-Free

Sign Language Interpreters: We will provide interpreters for all conference events including meals that we are providing. Participants must indicate their interpreting preferences on the registration form.

Wheelchair access: All conference events will be held in spaces that provide wheelchair access and proximity to accessible restrooms. Because the campus at San Francisco State University is on a hill, not all entrances are equally accessible. The conference organizers will use the accessible path of travel as the main path for all participants whenever possible.

Real-Time Captioning: We are providing real time captioning for all plenaries, the evening performances, as well as one of the concurrent sessions.

Alternative Format for Print Materials: The conference program will be available in alternative formats at the conference. Participants must indicate their formatting preferences on the registration form. In addition, conference materials will also be available in an accessible format on the website.

Quiet Room: There will be a designated quiet room to allow participants to rest and/or decrease the stimulation of the conference.

Attendants: During conference events there will be personal assistance services (attendants) available. Participants must indicate their attendant preferences on the registration form.


We will work with the food service providers to get detailed ingredients lists. In addition, participants may indicate their food preferences on the registration form. There will be attendants available at all conference-provided meals.


We are using the dormitories at San Francisco State University. Each room has 1 or 2 beds. Showers, sinks and toilets are available in common areas. A range of room configurations are available. Participants must indicate their housing access preferences on the registration form. Please note: The conference is NOT providing attendants in the housing area. You can get a list of referrals to attendants at attendant referrals.


The conference program will be available in alternative formats at the conference. Participants must indicate their formatting preferences on the registration form, such as Braille, computer disk, CD, large print, or other. In addition, conference materials are also available in an accessible format on the website: www.disabledwomen.net/queer



For information on attendant care, oxygen rental, sign language interpreters equipment rental and repair, and even accessible public toilets as well as hotels and transportation in the San Francisco area, check out this page on Bonnie Lewkowicz' great website on Access Northern California.


Here are some resources provided by our wonderful San Francisco Independent Living Resource Center:
ATTENDENTS IHSS PUBLIC AUTHORITY 415-243-4477 MediCal consumers & Private Pay (PP)
Care Scope Registry 415-664-9991 - In-home care service - Private Pay
Real Care 650-827-9111 In Home care Service Care Facility Referrals - Private Pay
Affordable Home Care 510-559-3900 - Private Pay
Angel HomeCare 510-482-2600 - Private Pay
Local 250 Health Care Workers 415-441-2500 - Private Pay
Jewish Family Service 415-561-1256 - Private Pay
Self Help for the Elderly 415-982-9171 Private Pay


Scoot A Round 888-441-7575


email: QDConference2002@hotmail.com


email: QDProgram@hotmail.com

On the web at www.disabledwomen.net/queer