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Last revised: 30 Jan 2002



I would like to offer your organization a unique opportunity to connect with a usually hard-to-reach market/constituency -- LGBTI people with disabilities and allies. A historic event will take place this June -- the first-ever international Queer Disability Conference. Over 300 queer disabled people and our allies will gather in San Francisco, June 2-3, 2002, for two days of learning, networking, performing, organizing, and sharing.

YOUR ORGANIZATION CAN BE THERE, in spirit if not in the flesh. We still have some space left in our conference program booklet for appropriate advertisements. We especially seek ads from companies or agencies which are queer-owned, queer-focused, or queer-friendly, AND which are accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities; as well as from companies or agencies which are disabled-owned, disability-focused, or disability-friendly, AND open and welcoming to queer people.

Purchasing an ad in our conference program booklet will help your company or organization to establish visibility as a queer-positive, disability-positive community member. You can advertise your products or services, send a message about your commitment to equal rights, and/or provide specialized information such as wheelchair access and TTY phone numbers. Your ad will carry your organization's name recognition beyond the two days of the conference itself: We expect many conference participants will save their conference program booklets as souvenirs, or to use as educational tools, thus greatly increasing the value of your ad.

In addition, you will be supporting a vitally important event -- an event that will likely be remembered as a milestone in the history of the queer and disability movements. We will explore issues crucial to our lives and our communities, including: queer/disabled identities; body image; sexuality; access to queer events and communities; relationships; homophobia in health care and support services; and much more. As a result of this conference, we anticipate a significant increase in the queer disabled community's organizing capacity, leadership, knowledge and skills.

Please review the following information, and then fill out the form below and mail it, with payment, to:
QD Conference Program Advertisements
P.O. Box 9004
Denver, Colorado 80209

If you have questions, please e-mail QDAds@aol.com

Thank you very much.

1/4 page -- $125
1/2 page -- $200
Full page -- $300

Single line acknowledgment, with name and contact information only, on "Supporters and Contributors" -- $50

Finished ads, in GIF or JPEG format on a readable CD-ROM, zip disk, or 3&1/2-inch, must be mailed with completed form and payment, no later than May 7, 2002.
Alternatively, GIF or JPEG files can be emailed to QDAds@aol.com
Deadline is still May 7, 2002. Hard copies of finished ads, needing to be scanned, must be mailed with completed form and payment, no later than May 1, 2002.

Single line acknowledgment (no art, no copy except name and contact information) -- Completed form and payment due May 15, 2002.

Information Form

Please fill out this form completely, and mail it with your ad and your payment, by the deadline above, to:
QD Conference Program Advertisements
P.O. Box 9004
Denver, Colorado 80209

Questions? QDAds@aol.com


email: QDConference2002@hotmail.com


email: QDProgram@hotmail.com

On the web at www.disabledwomen.net/queer