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Last revised: 30 Jan 2002


All conference housing will be available for a fee at San Francisco State University. Each dorm room will have either 1 or 2 beds and desks per room. We will be using the dorms when there are no classes, so we will have the place to ourselves. The dorms are in high-rise buildings and have centralized toilet and shower areas on each floor. The dorms and rooms have varying degrees of access (see Housing Access for more details).

The housing costs include breakfast.

Double room: $28.oo per person per night
Single room: $50.oo per person per night

If you stay on campus, we will work to ensure the maximum available access for you.

To make the dorm housing accessible to people with chemical sensitivities, we ask that all of the shared bathrooms be entirely scent-free. We strongly encourage conference participants to bring their own unscented personal care products, but we will also provide some basic products (shampoo, conditioner, soap) in each shared bathroom, and will have a wider range of products for sale at the conference. More information about being scent-free.

Many people have expressed reservations about living in a dorm. We made this choice for a number of reasons. One, San Francisco State University is not near any hotels so using the dorms is important. Two, the price of the dorms is considerably cheaper than any hotel and allows a wider range of participants to afford to come to the conference. Three, because we will be the only group in the dorm it allows us to have more informal time with each other. Four, it will only be for a few nights.

Some of us are seeing this as a wonderful opportunity to have play time with each other - sort of like queer disability camp.


Please note that we will not assist you with any off-campus housing. The information below is for your information only.
Depending on your access needs and budget, there are 2 different off-campus housing suggestions.

1. Near the SF ZOO - There is a small cluster of hotels is on Sloat Boulevard near the San Francisco Zoo. It is within a mile of the SFSU campus. Depending on the number of participants staying at these hotels, SFSU may run a shuttle between the conference and these hotels. In our opinion, these hotels are a good option for people using cars or taxis. They are not a great option if you need wheelchair transportation. Also the limited number of hotels means a very limited number of wheelchair rooms. Some suggestions are available at the SFSU website: http://www.sfsu.edu/prospect/hotels.htm

2. Downtown San Francisco - Downtown San Francisco has a hotel every 10 yards. This is a good option if you want a choice of rooms and/or want a wheelchair accessible room on a major transportation line. If you are also going to the Society for Disability Studies conference, you can take BART from the same station. Staying in downtown San Francisco is not a great option if you are using a car - as street parking is very restricted and hotel parking is very expensive.
Helpful hotel hint: As long as you stay near Market Street (between Embarcadero and 10th Street) you will be near to public transportation that goes to the conference. Please be careful about hotels that say they are within "walking distance" of Market Street, as hotels north of Market Street are on a steep hill. Helpful transportation hint: The SFSU campus is on a major streetcar line (MUNI line "M"). The downtown stops are all wheelchair accessible by elevators (shared with BART) and the SFSU outside stop is also wheelchair accessible. You can check on whether the elevator is in service before you go there by phoning 510-834-LIFT (834-5438).


email: QDConference2002@hotmail.com


email: QDProgram@hotmail.com

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