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Last revised: 30 Jan 2002


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DISABILITY AND QUEERNESS: The First International Conference June 2-3, 2002 at
San Francisco State University
Call for Papers, Workshops, Performances, and Art of All Kinds: Due February 1, 2002

In the last three decades disabled people and lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered people have taken to the streets and entered the academy. We've built movements for social change, created culture and community, and shaped our own theory and analysis. But the issues, concerns, and experiences of queer disabled people have rarely been placed front and center. The Queer/Disability Conference aims to bring together artists, activists, and scholars to explore the matrix formed by queerness and disability.


  • Disability activists engaging in issues concerning queer identities
  • Queer activists grappling with disability issues
  • Artists pulling together strands of crip and queer cultures
  • Scholars making connections between Disability Studies and Queer Studies
  • Queers/crips looking for community
  • Advocates and allies invested in these intersections

We are looking for papers, panels, performances, videos, paintings, workshops, readings, and more to create three concurrent tracks: 1) scholar/theory, 2) activist/community, and 3) artist/cultural.

Possible topics include:

  • Histories of disability, homosexuality, and trans identities
  • HIV/AIDS, cancer, and disability
  • Genetic testing, the notion of a cure, the medicalization of our bodies
  • Intertwining of race, class, sexuality, gender identity, and disability
  • Sex, sexuality, desire, erotica
  • Representations of queerness/disability
  • Deaf/Queer issues
  • Global LGBT disability activism
  • Impact of disability on gender identity and of gender on disability
  • Passing, Pride, and non-apparent disabilities
  • Violence, hate crimes, and abuse
  • Compulsory heterosexuality and able-bodiedness
  • Q/D marginalizations: bi&trans identities, cognitive&psych disabilities
  • Ableism, homophobia, and transphobia
  • Queers, disability, and services
  • Blind/Queer issues
  • Connections between intersexed people and disabled people

Sponsored by the Disabled Women's Alliance, the Presidential Chair for Undergraduate Education at UC Berkeley, the Disability Studies Program at UC Berkeley, and the Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University.

If you would like to present at the conference, please send the following information to QDprogram@hotmail.com or Alison Kafer, 310 N. Indian Hill, Box 325, Claremont CA 91711. All proposals are due by February 1, 2002. Presenters will be notified by March 21, 2002. Sessions are 90 minutes long.
NOTE: Please use this email for PROGRAM information ONLY: QDProgram@hotmail.com
For all other conference information, please use: QDConference2002@hotmail.com

E-mail address:
Postal Address (optional):
Phone (optional):
Title of Presentation:
If presenting with others, names of co-presenters:
Abstract or Description of Presentation (500 words maximum):
Brief Description of Presentation for Use in Program (50 words maximum):

___ Academic
___ Community
___ Cultural
___ Panel
___ Performance
___ Workshop
___ Other (e.g., Poster, Exhibit, Display. Please explain)

Access Needs:
___ Sign Language Interpreter
Language Preferred:
___ ASL ___ Signed English ___ Oral ___ Deaf/Blind
___ Wheelchair Access
___ Personal Assistance (Please explain):

___ Braille
___ Audiotape
___ Large Print
___ Real Time Captioning

NOTE: The conference will be accessible to people with environmental illness, chemical sensitivity, etc. PLEASE remember not to wear scented products of any kind.

Audio-Visual and Other Equipment Needs:
___ Overhead Projector
___ Slide Projector
___ VCR / Monitor

We are looking for a wide range of people to present at the conference. To help us pay attention to the diversity of the presenters, please briefly describe your relationship to, or interest in, queerness and disability. No one will be excluded on the basis of their response.

email: QDConference2002@hotmail.com

email: QDProgram@hotmail.com

On the web at www.disabledwomen.net/queer
REGISTRATION INFO: Available on website after February 1, 2002.